One of our neighbors is a VP for an auto parts manufacturing company called ASIMCO based out of Beijing, China. For years he has been asking me “So, what is it that you actual do?”. It can be difficult to explain the learning and the experience that people go through during the 2-day workshop, so he was left wondering a bit.

On his recent trip to China he took a copy of “Idea Mapping” with him. It represents a prominent skill taught in my workshops. He read most of the book on the way over. During one of his meetings, ASIMCO’s director of the Six Sigma program (Mr. Ji Hong) began his presentation by using an idea map created in Mindjet’s MindManager X5 software program. My neighbor stopped the meeting to ask him how he learned about idea mapping and pulled the book from his briefcase.

The map from this meeting was then forwarded to me to share this story. Since then, Ji Hong and I have been in contact. In fact the infamous Six-Sigma map is now up on my website if you would like to see it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!