Dave Gunby, a long time friend and Idea Mapper shares this story about his older son, Dain.

“One of his first grade projects was to research the answer to the question Why Do Lions Hunt? It was a wonderful opportunity to find out more about lions and for me to share Idea Mapping with him. Very early in the process, I realized that he didn’t quite have the spatial allocation skills to use a pen and paper for Idea Mapping (had to be on an 8½ x 11-inch sheet of paper), so we used my computer and Mind Manager software.
I started off by asking him, “What other questions does that make you think of?” Each of the new questions became their own main branch. Then we started to do our research. As he read different articles, we answered his questions. We then went into the Idea Map and Dain typed in the answer on the branches associated to the question branch.
To make the map look even cooler, we imported some pictures. All told, it only took us about an hour. While Dain had seen me make Idea Maps before, he now got a chance to do one of his own.”