Chuck Frey has become one of this industry’s best collectors and analyzers of software-produced maps. Following is his request. As you send your examples to Chuck, please copy me as well and you will be published in both venues.

According to my surveys of mind mapping software users, one of the biggest needs that many of you have is to see examples of successful software-produced mind maps, and to understand what makes them work. Many of you are looking for case histories that illustrate some of the best practices of visual mapping. As part of my research for an expanded and updated second edition of my “Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software” e-book, I have decided to address this need. If you have used mind mapping software to create a visual map that meets your needs exceptionally well, I’d like to hear from you. Please submit a case history and send me a screen shot of your favorite productivity-increasing map.

I have created a simple Word document where you can submit your information. To download this form, please click on link below, and save it to your computer. The document contains instructions to help you write your case history. If I use your case history in my e-book, you will receive a free copy of it when it is published.