I have an addiction to colored markers. At some point in time, I think I’ve used nearly every marker created. If you’ve found yourself buying markers, and then not being particularly happy — this posting is for you. Listed below are some of the brands I enjoy. I’ll explain some of their differences as we go through the list.

  1. Staedtler – These are my favorite markers (I think)! They come in both fine and medium tips. Best of all is the sturdy case that stands at an angle for easy use while mapping.
  2. Stabilo – Also a high quality marker.
  3. Sharpies – Vibrant colors. The only caution here is that they bleed through regular copy paper.
  4. Fiddle Sticks – This 10-pack is a medium point and brilliant colors. Best part about these is that each marker has its own scent.
  5. Pentel – Also a medium point with a wide color selection. The vinyl case is OK. Mine finally fell apart after many years of use.
  6. TOMBOW Dual Brush-Pen – These markers are pretty clever. One end is a medium point, the other end is a wide brush stroke. There is a wide selection of colors and a flimsy plastic case that works well.
  7. Mr. Sketch (12-pack) – These are thick, scented markers with nice color. I use these when teaching (flip charts) or creating large idea maps.
  8. Crayola – These start out as fine points, but typically become medium point. I don’t find the colors as brilliant as the Fiddle Sticks, but you can find them anywhere. Around August you can often find them for $1.00 or less during the “back-to-school” specials.

The worst markers in all of my experience are the packages of 20 or 30 that you can get at the dollar store. If they don’t bleed all over, they will be dried up in about a day. Colors are not vibrant — basically a waste. Let me know if you have other markers that you would recommend.