Greetings from the Visual Thinking Guru! Today’s hint will apply to both adults and students. Have you ever been asked to give a presentation, write a paper, prepare a science project, plan an event with a specific theme, (etc.) and choosing the topic was left to you? Often it is at this point that the mental block can set in. We get so fixated on coming up with the best topic that we become immobilized or we end up choosing a topic that we aren’t particularly excited about. Here’s my suggestion:

Rather than trying to decide on an ideal topic, theme, or project immediately, start an idea map of all the possible ideas you may have for your topic. Having your thoughts down on paper may spark additional creative themes. Put down every thought — even if they seem crazy. You may do this all in one sitting or you can set it aside and come back to it later to add ideas. At some point you should prioritize your top 3 possibilities and then decide between those using whatever criteria makes sense for your situation. It is my experience that the best idea will jump off the page for you! Now you can begin your task of writing or planning.