June 1st is the official start of hurricane season in the Atlanta and Gulf areas of the USA. I can’t help but be reminded of a great adventure that 9 of us shared during Hurricane Wilma.

Joanne Lo from Hong Kong created this map which describes her feelings, experience, and learning while attending a certification course taught by Jamie Nast in Palm Beach, Florida.

The imagery in this map is powerful for those of us who were there. See if you can find some of the associations. Shiva used his creativity to tap into an emergency power source so we could heat food and make coffee. The Mezzanine became the place to hang out for all residents. We entertained them with Vanda North’s new card trick. We lacked power, phones, and water, and felt disconnected not being able to reached loved ones — especially Joanne, Choon Boo, and Jennifer who had come from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia respectively. Mrinalini and Shiva spent hours helping me clean up after the windows in my room blew out. Liza Seiner received the most water-damaged certificate I’ve ever seen in my life. Despite the adventure Hannelie and others were still able to learn to memorize a deck of cards and 100 words.

I now hold my Palm Beach certification workshops in December.