In each 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop, “learning to learn” is a real experience — not just a bunch of theory. Professionals are taught several skills which many think to be impossible! One of the exercises teaches participants how to draw a portrait of a human face (no tracing allowed). You may think, “Well that’s nice, but so what? I don’t plan on becoming an artist.” The point is to face your disbelief, understand the impact disbelief has on learning, and then with some instructions, improve in each skill. This then becomes an analogy for learning other skills — skills that you may otherwise have not attempted. This workshop includes many valuable skills including Idea Mapping.
So just so you can see for yourself, I’m going to show you several typical results of this exercise. This first example, drawn by Madhu, is from a recent workshop I taught at ACH. If you want to see more portraits, search this blog using the word “portrait”.