duane-lawrence-achAfter my July workshop at ACH, one of the participants (Karen Southworth) told one of the guys she worked with (Duane Lawrence) about the class. He is really interested in attending the upcoming October offering. This is what Karen shared with me:

Duane looked at Ray’s Idea Mapping book the other day, and checked out your blog. He is going to school at night and mapped a chapter of a course he was taking. They had to do a “debate” in the class, and he referred to his idea map…everyone else was flipping through the book as they were preparing their arguments. Others in the class wanted copies of his map. It was done in pencil and didn’t follow the same kind of logic we used in class, but he used symbols and added stuff on as he went along. He really found it useful.”
Duane sent me his map so that I could share it with you!