running-bookWhat you believe about your ability to improve your memory and speed reading skills, impacts your ability to remember and read more quickly. This ultimately impacts your ability to gain knowledge and learn new skills.

Have you ever been taught how to remember or read more quickly? If you’re like most people the answer is “NO”. Would improving your memory and reading skills add value to your work and life? Of course it would!

I’ve been teaching memory tools and speed reading since 1992, but over the last two years have finally developed and tested two extremely successful designs. I’d like to thank my clients at BP for being the first to pilot the original format in 2006.

Both offerings are 1-day workshops and the links to the abstracts are:
1) Memory Power
2) Memory & Speed Reading

The purpose of these workshops is to teach individuals how to effectively gain and retain knowledge, improve productivity and focus, and increase their ability to learn more efficiently by teaching them memory (and speed reading) skills.

Give this gift to your organization today. It’s a workshop they’ll never forget!