nipperrunes-modeling-pilot-projectToday we are celebrating two events. First is the 1-year anniversary of the release of the Idea Mapping book and the second is the debut of a new monthly column in the Mindjet Newsletter. This posting shares the two maps featured in today’s newsletter. The above link to the newsletter will be live around 1pm EST. If you would like to subscribe to the monthly Mindjet Newsletter, click here to fill out the subscription form.

The theme of the September newsletter is “Map Your Way to Effective Communication.” Following is a brief description of the maps in my column. For the complete details see the Mindjet Newsletter. (Archives available at

  • Trees – Roberto Vidales’s ( original idea map in Spanish was published in the August 14, 2007 posting. He has translated it, and continues to use it to communicate to others about climatic disasters.
  • The 2nd map was created by Michelle Haines of Nipperrunes(R), and communicates her mission to help young people everywhere through the use of her company’s innovative materials. Visit when her site launches in 2008.

You can see a clearer pdf version of these maps on my website under “Additional Maps”. If you click on any column it will sort alphabetically and you can then search by author or title (State Director’s Report) of the map.

Download a trial version of MindManager software today, and also check out the Idea Mapping Squidoo lens which contains over 30 Idea Mapping examples.