matt-mckibbin-state-directors-report-oct-2007-jan-2008In December of 2007 I had the privilege of teaching a 1-day workshop for an organization in Tallahassee, FL called Communities in Schools of Florida (CISFL). Matt McKibben is the Program Services Director, and was a participant in that event. This idea map is the first of three that Matt will be sharing in this blog.

Hint #18 is to starting practicing your mapping skills by converting a linear document into a map. There are several advantages to this. One – you don’t have to think about content, two – you get get a 1-page visual of a multi-page document, and three – this may lead you either re-organize the document or see connections that were not apparent previously.

Matt took their State Director’s Report that is given to the CIS State Board Members and converted it to a map. This condensed 2-page report reflects the work that the State Office has done over the last quarter. However Matt’s map includes much more information than the 2-page report. I look forward to sharing more of Matt’s work over the next few weeks.

You can see a clearer pdf version of this map on my website under “Client Maps”. If you click on any column it will sort alphabetically and you can then search by author or title (State Director’s Report) of the map.