As I mentioned in my June Update Posting, I recently taught the 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop at Boeing in Seattle. I promised to share idea maps and portraits from Boeing and the other Companies I visited in June. The first of these finished portraits is from Joel Landoe (Boeing) who has contributed several maps to this blog in the past. Yes, engineers can draw!

Several other portraits have been posted on this blog and can be seen by searching on “portrait”. The point of the activity is discussed in other postings, however here is a summary:

  1. Learning a new skill has great value from a neurological perspective.
  2. We often set ourselves up for failure or don’t even try a new skill because we’ve decided in advance the “I can’t”.
  3. By breaking overwhelming tasks into small component pieces, it makes the task manageable.
  4. We learn to set goals that are both reasonable and incremental.
  5. You prove to yourself that you can do something previously believed to be impossible!
  6. It’s fun!