Daniel Pace was one of the participants in my recent June workshop and a Senior Business Process Analyst for the Larimer County Government in Ft. Collins, CO. Daniel will tell you his story in his own words:

“Jamie, this is my first ‘real-time’ map. I did this exclusively in pencil, so that I would not be distracted by changing colors. This map is a combination of note taking and speech preparation. Even though I walked into the room with only a few known branches, there were some pics drawn during the meeting (bottom left and right) to give me presentation content clues. I really didn’t have time to prepare otherwise. This is a subject I’m very comfortable with.

The meeting lasted just over an hour and the purpose was to bring the Information Technology Leadership team (from the City of Ft, Collins) up to speed with what Larimer County was going to adopt/implement a best practices framework called ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and to demo the ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) tool we are using to automate our ITIL processes.

The benefits of taking notes this way is speed of free flowing thoughts and then recall at a later time. Also, a great way to prepare thoughts for presentation. I drew one quick picture and could speak volumes from it. I’m an Engineer and Leadership & Process Improvement Guru. I think there might be a stereotype out there that these are left-brain positions (especially the Engineer), but that’s not true at all. I believe these are very much whole-brained required functions. Most of my formal education seemed to be left-brained focused, but I am naturally whole-brained, with some cob-webs on the right-side. When these cob-webs are swept aside, which your book and two day class did for me, my whole-brain kicked into over-drive. I created a second map that I drew a few days later, that really had my whole-mind spinning. I incorporated a lot more pictures.”

Daniel and I got a kick out of discovering that we had many things in common including attending Purdue University at the same time. Thanks for sharing Daniel!