In 98% of my two-day workshops, I start out with an activity asking participants to create a nametent using images, color, symbols, and no more than two letters. The activity has several purposes:

  1. It acts as the introduction of participants.
  2. It sets the stage for an unusual workshop.
  3. The names are more memorable for everyone.
  4. It makes people think from the moment they start the class.
  5. People start telling themselves they can’t draw which gets disproved by the second day.
  6. It makes people laugh.

I have collected many of these examples over the years and decided it was time to occasionally start sharing them. So this is the first one. This individual was from a class I taught at ACH in June of 2008. See if you can guess his name. On the surface it seems difficult, but once you know his name it makes perfect sense. I’ll tell you his name in the next posting. If someone guesses it correctly before then I’ll announce the winner!