VizThink is hosting its first European conference in October of 2008 in Berlin. Tom Crawford (VizThink CEO) is looking for a mapper to:

Create live mind maps for 2 of the 4 general sessions at the conference. The general sessions are 90 minutes long and there are 2 each day. It would be done on the computer. They’ll show it a couple times during the session to see how it’s developing.

– In addition, there are 2 breakout times slots each with 4-5 choices for each for a total of 16-20 breakout sessions at the conference. Of the 16-20 breakout sessions, the person would need to choose two (whichever ones they want) to attend and map. These could be on paper or on the computer, though I would again lean towards on the computer. There would be no debrief or discussion for these. They would just be used after the event on the wiki.

If anyone feels they meet these qualifications, please contact Tom Crawford at VizThink will pay half of your entrance fee to the conference.