Liza Jennings Seiner is a CIMI (Certified Idea Mapping Instructor) that has shared several idea mapping examples since the inception of this blog — including her idea map that celebrated the life of Linda Goodremont who lost her battle with cancer. (Search on “Liza Seiner” for her other contributions.) That was Idea Map #8, and today Liza shares another one of her amazing creations.

Liza is a lawyer turned … I don’t know what title to give her. She transforms complexity into visual idea maps that consolidate, organize, and simplify information in a way that is extremely memorable. She can capture live information (meetings, conferences, brainstorming sessions, etc.) into beautiful hand drawn representations. This particular example shows her business card. Is this cool or what?!!

If you want Liza to create an idea map for any special occasion (anniversary, retirement, graduation, wedding, birthday, etc.) this would be one unique and memorable gift. With her designs you could create card designs, invitations, T-Shirts, cake toppings, resumes, career summaries — the possibilities are endless!

Get in line behind me, because I’m the first in line! I thought my business card was pretty clever (I’ll share that tomorrow), but now I’m going to add a little Seiner flair!