This book by Teiji Nakano just came out October 22, 2008 and is available at Amazon.jp.  Teiji is a master of the MindManager product and is personally responsible for the sales of 8,000 licenses in a previous position. He has just joined the Mindjet team in Japan and they are fortunate to have him on board.

Teiji’s book is an in depth guide to teaching professionals to learn and maximize the power of MindManager in order to become more productive. Just like my Idea Mapping book in English (the Japanese version just released does not include a trial CD), his also includes a trial version of the MindManager software.

These two books are perfect partners! My book teaches the theory and the brain-based knowledge behind how and why this tool is effective. I try to bring my workshop right to the readers. Although I have several examples of MindManager maps, I don’t go into how to use the software at all. That’s where Mr. Nakano’s book picks up. I hope his book will be published in English soon! Below you will find a folded version of his Table of contents. Contact either of us if you would like to have the full version in MindManager.