I can’t help but reflect on the devastation that WWII brought on this country. This palace was a gift to Poland from Stalin and built from 1952-1955. Although not well received at the time (and rightfully so), it has become a landmark in Warsaw and visible within a 30km radius. This palace is what I see when I look out my hotel window.

I am SO privileged this weekend to be teaching Idea Mapping and the MindManager software program to 50 of Poland’s most brilliant civil servants. These dedicated governmental employees are part of a critical effort to rebuild Poland’s infrastructure and to measure the success of those projects. This program is sponsored by the University of Warsaw, and the brain behind this effort is Warsaw University professor Karol Olejniczak, Ph.D. He is a committed part of the solution in turning Poland in the direction of continued success.

I’ll provide an update from Saturday’s training workshop after I return home.