Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s guru behind their new release. He is offering a fabulous series of blogs to familiarize users on the new release. Check out these and future posts:

· Post 1: 11/12: Share Your Ideas & Project Maps Everywhere!

· Post 2: 11/14: Tackling Tough Tasks: MindManager 8’s Top Task Management Enhancements

· Post 3: 11/17: Context Matters: Editing Microsoft Office File Within Your Map!

· Post 4: 11/19: Working With the Web: MindManager’s New Web Browser and PDF Viewer

· Post 5: 11/21: Working With the Web: Serving Up Web Services Right In Your Map

· Post 6: 11/24: Visualizing Data: MindManager’s Database Linker

· Post 7: 12/01: Hide and Go Seek: 3 Ways MindManager 8’s Search Just Got Better

· Post 8: 12/03: Mindjet Connect Ribbon: Getting Connected is Now Easier Than Ever Before

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