The top postings for 2008 are as follows:

#1 – Direct visits to the home page of the Idea Mapping Blog.

#2 – 7 Habits of Highly Effective GTDers by Frank Medlar

#3 – Franklin Templeton Library Mid-Year Results by Larisa Brigevich

#4 – Idea Maps Help 11th-Grade AP Physics Studies by Melinda Dang

#5 – The 4-Poster Question by Engineers and IT experts from a large automotive company in southeastern Michigan

#6 – Boeing Part 2 – Photos from Dave Ringer

#7 – Boeing Part 1 – Photos from Dave Ringer

#8 – Aviation Emergency Procedures by Michael Panebianco

#9 – Jamie’s Vision Map in Joyce Schwarz’s New Book by Jamie Nast

#10 – Four Idea Mapping Workshops Added to 2008 Schedule – Announcement

Thanks for a great year for the Idea Mapping Website where over a quarter of a million unique visitors viewed nearly 1,000,000 postings on this site. Looking forward to a great 2009!