I was first introduced to the world of social networking three years ago by the owner of Urban Verve — the company that designed my website and this blog. I started out slowly by learning to digg, got linked in, built a squidoo lens, and put idea maps and workshop photos into flickr. My digg submissions bookmark various pages of interest. Like many of you, I joined LinkedIn and now have nearly 200 connections. I followed that by building my first Idea Mapping Squidoo Lens (I now have a second lens), and finished phase 1 by creating two photo streams in Flicker. The Idea Mapping Photo Stream currently has 99 Idea Mapping Examples (and growing), and the Idea Mapping Workshop Photo Stream has 46 photos from companies like Boeing, OTPP, CPPIB, Larimer County Government, Ford, (and growing) and many others.

For those of you who are struggling with the learning curve of social networking, find a friend who is saavy in this area and learn from them. I’m still stuggling in many of these areas and will share more about that in another posting.