Several days ago I started posting about my journey into social networking. Once I got a basic understanding of Digg, Squidoo, Flickr, LinkedIn, I added other bookmarking and networking sites such as, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Reddit, Propeller, Google, Slashdot, and ThisNext.

I went in kicking and screaming when I was told by my web designer that I needed to have a presence in Facebook and on Twitter. I’m now in over my head. All I know how to do in Facebook is to upload my blog postings there. Besides that I’m pretty clueless. What are snowball fights and all the other silly things that people do there? I think I need to take a Facebook class. For now I’m only using Facebook for business purposes. If I want to connect with people, I prefer to call or we can go to lunch.

Finally we come to Twitter. It’s a hot place to be, but I just don’t get it. One of my certified instructors, Liz Kimura, is using it all the time and generating business from it. This is where I definately need some education. How could any one person keep up with all the Tweets? Am I the only one that is struggling? …and yes, I will tweet about this posting (smile).