Here’s an ironic story…

Last month I was one of the speakers for the sold-out New Jersey PMI (Project Management Institute) Annual Conference. This is the second largest chapter in the USA. The morning started with a great spread of food and attendees strolled the bookstore and the vendor booths. I noticed that the bookstore was selling my Idea Mapping book. They sold out quickly. After my session in the afternoon, I did a book signing and also sold out of the case of books I had Wiley ship to NJ in advance.

Last week my editor at Wiley sent me a screen shot off of their computer system showing us that Amazon has re-ordered more Idea Mapping books (because they sold all their stock). On the screen shot that only looked at the 12 or so most recent orders, I noticed that a company called Project Management Bookstore had placed a rather large order. They are owned by RMC Project Management, one of the largest project management training and development firms in the world. Currently the bookstore carries about 130 titles from many of the industry’s best-selling authors, and offer books on a range of topics including Fundamentals, Virtual Teams, Program Management, Communication, Time Management, Leadership, Requirements, and PMOs — along with some soft-skill areas.

When I googled them I discovered that they were looking for authors (whose books they sell) to do webinars for their clients. Since nearly all of my clients use idea mapping for some part of the PM process, and I’ve done webinars for PM’s before (450+ Boeing PMPs for example), I popped them an email. I got a very quick reply from a gal that said she was laughing when she read the note. She was from the same bookstore that was working the PMI New Jersey event last month! Now to my point. She said that since the inception of the bookstore mid 2007, the Idea Mapping book has been in the top 10 best sellers. Pretty cool! So if you are a project manager (or even if you’re not) and looking for some additional help, maybe the Idea Mapping book is just the thing for you.