Orbiting the Giant Hairball MM - SmallerOrbiting the Giant Hairball is a book written by Gordon MacKenzie and it is featured in the “Favorites” section of my new bookstore. Megan Clark is a high-level leader at a large automotive company in southeastern Michigan.  We met in 1998 when she brought me in to teach the first of many classes at her organization.

Shortly after that class a prominent member of the leadership team approached her at a meeting and said, “Megan, you remind me of a book I just read.” She was flattered until he told her that the title of the book was Orbiting the Giant Hairball. Later that day she got a copy of the book. It is a fascinating book written by a former vice-president of Hallmark.

Megan enjoyed the book so much that she created this idea map of it and than sent it on to Gordon MacKenzie. A copy of this map and the full story is included in my book titled, Idea Mapping.