Alfred - 7 HabitsOn Septmeber 16, 2007 I posted the first idea map in this series of which this is now the 8th idea map.  As part of the Idea Mapping Workshop participants read an article that summaries Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and then create an idea map of it.  Each map ends up looking quite different which initially concerns people. In fact their maps should look different because they should be created based on the individuals unique purpose, previous knowledge of the material, style, and trust in their ability to remember what words and symbols meant at the time of creation. I literally  had one participant think that I had tricked everyone into reading different articles on the same topic!

This idea mapping example was created by Alfred when he attended the Idea Mapping Workshop I taught at ACH last year. If you want to see the other 7 examples go to the April 10, 2009 posting where you will find the 7th example and links to the others.