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Benefits of Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping for Studying

If there is one common reaction that most Idea Mapping Workshop participants say in response to the course it is this:

“I wish I had learned Idea Mapping when I was in school. It would really have helped my grades and my ability to study!”

Although it is NEVER too late to learn, my heart breaks for today’s students struggling to learn volumes of information in the same old-fashioned non-brain friendly way. Idea Mapping (and the other learning and memory skills taught in this class) could provide many benefits to students as outlined in the Idea Map above.

Therefore I have scheduled a 2-day workshop for August 11-12, 2010 in Livonia, Michigan to be able to catch any students before the school year starts or college students head back to school. This class will have a mix of business professionals and students. For the first time students will be able to attend the Idea Mapping Workshop for 50% off. Review the course abstract and register today!