The PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification is one of the most valued credentials in project management. The PMP credential assures an organization that employees are committed to project management. According to a 2005 article I found on the PMI (Project Management Institute) website:

“PMI’s (Project Management Institute) PMP credential is considered by many as the “gold standard” of global project management certification. This credential, which is ISO 9001: 2000 compliant, connotes the holder as one who has demonstrated the knowledge, experience and leadership skills required to competently practice project management. During 2005, PMI has experienced an extraordinary increase in the number of practitioners taking the PMP examination, resulting in 86,925 PMPs being certified during this 12 month period…”

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PMP CertificationWhether you are considering the PMP certification, in the process, given up on the whole PMP, or have earned your PMP Certification — your feedback is essential to us. Please participate in a short survey to assess your personal experiences and perceptions in the PMP certification process. The purpose of the survey is to identify areas of potential improvement for those who have or are aspiring to get their PMP certification.

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