Arabic Poetry 1 from Jordan Idea Mapping and Mind Mapping Workshop

Suhail Coordinates the Jordan Idea Mapping Workshops for the Forward Training Team

Creating a Mind Map or Idea Map Book Summary 3

Umiah's Portrait Drawing - Idea Mapping Workshop in Jordan

Signing Idea Mapping Certificates - PMPs Earn 15 PDU's

Here are a few more photos from the Idea Mapping Workshop I taught in Jordan in May 2010. You can find additional photos and idea maps from this event in the June 29, 2010 posting, the June 12, 2010 posting, the May 27, 2010 and the May 10, 2010 posting.

The first photo was taken in the conference room where we held the workshop at the Landmark Hotel in Amman. This was a beautiful piece of poetry in Arabic that I needed to have the Forward Training Team translate for me. The second photo is of Forward Training team member Suhail Zrekat who coordinates a good portion of the workshops we teach in the Middle East.

The third photo was taken during an activity where participants were creating an idea map of a summary of a book. People featured in this photo are (left to right) Umiah Fakhouri (an Implementation Consultant), Safwan Nazer from GTZ, Waleed Rasheed from Palvest, Wisam Shamroukh from UGU, and Ahmad Ayesh from Structure Consulting.

The fourth photo¬† is an example of Umiah Fakhouri‘s portrait drawing. This activity uses a learning model to show participants that they can do impossible things (drawing) that they don’t think they can do. The last photo was me signing certificates of the completion for the workshop! PMP’s earned 15 PDU’s under category 4.

Registration is now open for the next Idea Mapping Workshop in Amman, Jordan which will be held October 10-11, 2010.  Contact Forward Training if you have any questions.