Tim SchweizerDecorah, Iowa is the home of Luther College and where I first introduced Dr. Tim Schweizer and his subsequent idea mapping experiment with his collage business students. You can read some background on the first experiment in the Oct. 23, 2009 posting. The May 19, 2010 posting shows Dr. Schweizer’s new twist on this experiment which has successfully continued through to the present time. He first presented this paper at an international conference in Spain. Tim will also be speaking at a conference in St. Louis, MO in September where he will teach others how he teaches Idea Mapping to his students.

If you follow this blog you have seen (I’m guessing) over 70 idea mapping examples from these students on various topics. If you want to see some of these examples, search on “Luther College.” In this recent publication, Tim shares the results of introducing Idea Mapping into the business curriculum at Luther College.

I’ve never seen a professor more successfully introduce this to students and more passionate about how this tool will impact not only their academics, but also their business success. Thank you Tim for making such an impact in the lives of your students.

If you are interested in purchasing the article, it was published by The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society.  The cost for the 15-page printed version is $10 and $5 for the electronic version. If you are an educator this article is a MUST.