tammy-sookthis-page1I’ve posted this before, but these are still fun idea maps for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.

Tammy Sookthis has participated in both the 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop and the 1-day Memory/Speed Reading Workshop offered through ACH (subsidiary of Ford). She sent me this series of idea maps which she created to get organized for her Black Friday shopping spree. The original copy has everything you see on 1 sheet of paper, but I’ll describe this series from the bottom up. She started out with a list of who she was going to buy for and what she might get them. The first map (with the colorful “Tammy”) was her initial sale “spottings” from the newspaper for each store. She mapped out everything she saw that was a good deal that she wanted to either purchase or look at. The scribbles and boxes around certain items reflected the thought process she went through, and she realized this was too much to get through in a few hours. She boxed in the things she wanted the most. The idea map at the top of this posting is the final map Tammy used on Friday after she re-grouped her plans.

Tammy – Thanks for sharing your idea mapping shopping experience! For the pdf version of these maps go to my website. If you click on any column it will sort alphabetically and you can then search by author or map title, etc.