Idea Map or Mind Map for Studying Spanish - blog versionI was recently helping a high school student study for his Spanish exam in a way that better matches his visual learning style. I think most students would agree that their boring linear notes are difficult study tools. So why not try something different.

Today’s example is not chapter notes from a Spanish book. This is a template that provides an example of a possible approach to creating an idea map and some items you may want to include in your map. Four of the branches in this map are vocabulary words: Globos, Libro, Reloj, and Biblia. It’s always important to include a picture of the word. In this template I suggested adding tenses and plural versions of the words on the sub-branches along with anything else you may need to know.

The other two main branches are sentences. The one I expanded upon the most was “My name is John.” I started with the English sentence and then translated it into Spanish. I shared similar sentences for “Your name is John” and “Their names are John.” I also added symbols. The eye means “my or me”, the “U” means “you”, and the 3-person icon means “they or their.” For the other sentence I started with the Spanish sentence that means “Can I have a glass of water?” Some may prefer putting the Spanish sentences on the main branch like I did with the vocabulary words.

Lots of other imaginative additions could be made to this I’m sure. BTW – If any of these words or phrases are off a bit…I only speak a very little bit of Spanish and pulled these translations off the internet. If anyone would like the MindManager version of this template, just drop me a note.