Liza Seiner - Estate PlanningLizaWhen the Idea Mapping Book was published by Wiley the Idea Maps included in the book were printed in black & white much to my disappointment. So I’ve slowly been featuring some of those maps in color on my blog. This one was created by Certified Idea Mapping Instructor Liza Seiner.

I met Liza in 2004 when she still had a law practice (she since decided to close it). She used idea maps for her clients who needed estate planning services. The idea maps she used with her clients helped her organize her own thinking, refreshed her memory on document terms, helped her prepare for client meetings and acted as the meeting agenda. Using the idea map also cut the meeting time by 30%. Clients appreciated and enjoyed the process.

Liza has share many maps in this blog and on her own blog as well. She is a gifted artist and you will see that in her work. Search on “Liza Seiner” or see some of these examples: A Business Card to Remember, A Celebration of Life and Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits.