To Move or Not to Move?

This idea map was created by Vanda North who is currently the founder and director of Mind Chi Ltd. in the UK and the author of Mind Chi. Vanda has over 36 years of experience working with world business leaders. She founded The Buzan Centres and was the global director of that organization from 1988 to 2006. This idea map captures the critical issues involved in making a decision on whether or not to relocate their offices. In Vanda’s own words:

“I was aware for some time that I might need to move my offices from Bournemouth, UK to another location. At the time the decision wasn’t pressing; however if things continued as they were, it would become more necessary. After considering many points, there still wasn’t a clear-cut direction. I began to explore the issues in more detail.

There was another aspect — the feelings of the rest of the team. We brainstormed the main considerations (red) while creating an idea map. Then we used a color code for either staying (green) or moving (purple). Each team member completed a color copy of the map and gave each issue a weighting to each branch. The scale went from -100 (negative impact) to +100 (positive impact).

I collected all of the input and computed an overall score to determine a suggested direction. The end of the story was that we decide to move. It was one of the best decisions we made.”

Thank you to Vanda for sharing!