I’ve been teaching my 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop in Poland for the past 5 years through the University of Warsaw. I am the kick-off presenter of a 9-month program for business leaders from the various ministries in Poland. My high spot for 2012 was teaching for an additional new program in Warsaw called Learning Ministries. While I was there in October my client got married to a gal that grew up in Ft. Wayne, IN — the same home town I grew up in. It was an amazing experience.

I have several goals for 2013. I have a new client (Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana) that I’ll be teaching 2 workshops for in March and I have been asked to teach a 3-day workshop for ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). ADNOC has 15 subsidiary companies working in the various fields of the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry as well as crude oil and gas transport and services. I’ve taught for one of these 15 (Takreer), but now to teach for the entire conglomerate is huge! Can’t wait for the challenge.

The other big task for 2013 is going to be writing a revision of my Idea Mapping book. Look for new and exciting material and idea maps in the new edition.