Szymon Koscierzynski is the author of this idea map. He is a Senior Expert at the Ministry of the Environment in Poland and was a participant in the 5th Academy of Evaluation which began in November 2012 in Warsaw and will go through July 2013. See the December 12, 2012 posting for more information on this program.

Each year the Academy of Evaluation begins with my Idea Mapping Workshop. This was Szymon’s first idea map. Shortly after the course he used this map to support him during PowerPoint presentations about a project called GreenEvo — a unique Polish project on a global scale. First he used it during ENVICON (International  Environmental Protection Congress), and the second time during a meeting with Chinese delegates in the Ministry of the Environment.

On Tuesday Szymon is going to Cairo, Egypt to present the GreenEvo project for the II Polish-Egyptian Tourism Joint Committee. He will be using the same idea map for that presentation as well.

Thank you for sharing Szymon!