The 2013 Visual Thinking Conference is for anyone focused on visual approaches to thinking and communication. So whether you are a business leader giving presentations, a marketing manager designing websites and materials,  a grade school teacher looking for new ways to reach students, or a student, no other event offers you more of today’s solutions… and tomorrow’s vision.

During the event, we’ll cover lots of topics.  Here are just a few of the topics you might expect to find:

The keynote speaker this year is Jessica Hagy — Her blog, Indexed, was named on of Time Magazine’s best blogs of 2008 and was a Webby Award winning site in 2010.

Her work has been featured on the BBC Magazine Online, in Business Week, WIRED, Good Magazine,,, The New York Times, Redbook, Golf Digest, and


Many of the speakers run workshops and conferences all over the globe. Their sessions often individually cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The fee for the entire day with this great line up is only $125 for business people and community members (and that includes a continental breakfast and box lunch)! There are even special rates for teachers & college students ($50) and grades 9-12 students ($25).

This event will take place at Seaholm High School. Click here for the day’s schedule and the line-up of facilitators. I (Jamie Nast) am included in that list.