Chris Kordick - Cardiovascular Physiology Idea Map or Mind MapIdea Map #437 was created by Chris Kordick – a pre-med student at Benedictine University. He attended my 2-day public Idea Mapping Workshop in August 2013, and I first introduced his idea maps in my September 12, 2013 posting.

Ten days ago I received an email from Chris telling me that he set the curve on his first Master’s level cardiology exam. He got a 92% while the class average was a mere 63%.  This is great positive feedback and confirmation that idea maps and  mind maps can help students significantly! Chris also taught a few of his classmates the idea mapping basics to see if this could work in the science field…needless to say, he says they want more!

This tool is excellent for both business professionals and students. Join me for the next 2-day public Idea Mapping Workshop in Palm Beach, FL December 11-12, 2013.

Thanks for sharing Chris! For more about Chris and his Idea Mapping journey into Med School see the post from August 12, 2015.