Ania Plawinska - Idea Map or Mind Map of Her FutureAnia Plawinska from Warsaw, Poland was one of over 739 participants on the Idea Mapping Webinar I gave on September 24, 2014 to the Global PMI Consulting Communities of Practice. At the end of the webinar I challenged the attendees to send me an idea map that I could post on my blog and we could watch this group grow in their mapping skills.

Here is the description of Ania’s idea map: “My partner and I decided to prepare our own idea maps of what we want in our lives to see if our goals for the future aligned and whether we were looking in the same direction. It was at the beginning of our relationship. What came out of it was that we are happy with what we have, and we want similar things. We are not craving for luxurious goods. In contrast we are going to be happy with a few things to live comfortably, and we prefer to spend money on traveling.

1) Partner – I want to be happy with my partner… and I’m very happy with my partner Frank.

2) Apartment – I don’t need a luxurious house. I will be happy with a nice apartment. We have our own apartment, but we would like one bedroom more with our own parking space — so this is a plan.

3) Car – a decent car will suffice. Actually we got one in April.

4) Work – work that I enjoy and that pays the bills and allows to put some money aside for travels.

5) Education – Always  improve –  I passed my PMP exam  in May this year, but when we did the map it was only a plan. I want to pass 2 more ACCA exams to gain an Advanced Diploma in Finance and Business. I started ACCA in 2005, but after passing 7 exams I had a long break. As I don’t like to leave things unfinished I decided to come back to at least complete 2 more exams and receive this diploma.

6) Photography – I love it and it is my hobby, but I don’t have time for it so my goal is to be able to spend more time getting better at photography.

7) Sports – I like playing Speedminton and I’m planning to get better at it. I would also like to complete Krav Maga (self-defence) course.

8) Traveling  – I love to travel and I’ve travelled a lot already and those are the places that I would really want to visit. There are more places that I haven’t been to yet, but this map is a work-in-progress & sort of a new year resolution.”

Thanks for sharing your idea map Ania! I’ll look forward to seeing more.