Crayola MarkersA few days ago I found fine point markers and colored pencils on sale at Meijer for $1.00 each thanks to back-2-school incentives. I loaded up my my cart with 30 sets of each and continued my shopping. That’s when the questions began.

As I made my way up and down the isles of the store, nearly every person I ran into asked, “So are you a teacher?”

To briefly explain idea mapping and how the markers and pencils are used during my workshops is more than what a stranger really wants to know, so my response was, “I teach learning workshops for adults and we use lots of color.”

Then I got caught in a long wait at the no-limit self checkout. The woman behind me asked if I was a teacher (again), and this time I explained at bit more. It took me so long to check out (one scan at a time) that my new friend helped bag markers, pencils and groceries!