Boeing 0426 Name TentBoeing 0428 Name Tent 1Boeing 0428 Name Tent 3Boeing 0428 Name Tent 2I’ve posted these name tent examples from many previous Idea Mapping Workshops around the globe. Here are 4 more from a recent class I taught at Boeing.

For the 24,000+ of you who have been through this workshop, you know the class starts out immediately with an activity similar to the game of Concentration.

Each learner is asked to draw a picture of their name using color, images, numbers and either adding or subtracting letters. I like to collect some of them and then see if you can guess their names. The name tents represent only the first name of the participant unless otherwise indicated. The very first name tent in this post is both first and last name.

Purpose of this activity is to immediately set the stage for a class that is far from the norm, get creative juices flowing, to put people in an uncomfortable situation (because many say they cannot draw), and it acts as a baseline for the drawing activities that are introduced later in the course.

After you’ve had a day or two to guess these names, I’ll post the answers. Have fun!