Szymon Piotr Koscierzynski is the Chief Expert in the Climate Policy Unit in the City Hall of Warsaw, Poland. We met in 2012 when I was teaching Idea Mapping and MindManager for the Academy of Evaluation’s 5th group to go through this program. For more information on this program see the December 12, 2012 posting.

Last month Szymon and his colleague Ania were responsible for running the annual “Partnership for Climate” meeting where nearly 50 experts took part. This idea maps helped them plan and organize the meeting so they wouldn’t forget anything and could execute flawlessly! It also helped Szymon to briefly train a colleague in public speaking. As a result of the successful meeting Szymon received congratulations from his Director and the Director Coordinator of Green Warsaw.

More about the Partnership for Climate: The aim of the Partnership for Climate Platform is to carry out, together with its partners, comprehensive, innovative educational and promotional activities related to climate change issues, supporting the city’s drive towards climate neutrality. The Platform organises events of a diverse nature, including conferences, debates, and ecological campaigns to exchange experiences and raise public awareness of environmental and climate protection.

Partners of the “Partnership for Climate” include organizations and institutions representing a wide variety of environments, e.g. government and self-government administration units, embassies, NGOs and institutions for which Climate Protection is very important in their business. The partners show concern for the environment in their daily activities and, through their participation in the “Partnership for Climate”, demonstrate their commitment to nature conservation and building a sustainable city.

The main thematic areas in which the City of Warsaw will take action under the Partnership for Climate are energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly transport and promotion of ecological lifestyles.

The objective of the Partnership for Climate platform is achieved by sharing the experience, knowledge, ideas, actions, resources of different actors towards a common goal – environmental and climate protection, mutual support of all partners in their activities towards the set goal, and joint implementation of specific projects.