About David Halvertson

David Halvertson

  • Gender: Male
  • Industry: Consulting
  • Occupation: Trainer
  • Area of Expertise: Idea Mapping
  • Location: Bellevue, WA : United States

Dave is a Master Trainer for Idea Mapping with MindManager and a Master Trainer for our new upcoming course Project Management with MindManager.

After an impressive 30-year career at the Boeing Company in information systems, Dave retired as a project manager and business analyst to pursue his passion.  For his last 8 years there, he founded and led the Boeing Mind Mapping Community of Practice which grew to over 600 members.  After retiring from Boeing he joined Mindjet, the developer of the mind mapping software MindManager, as a Customer Success Manager.

Dave has taught business at the MBA level and is currently teaching International Business at Bellevue College in Bellevue Washington.  He holds a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Washington and a BA from Evergreen State University in Olympia Washington.

Dave’s passion is teaching people to use mind mapping as a tool to better their lives in school, at home and in their business career.  He resides in Enumclaw Washington with his wife Cindy.

Idea Mapping Blog

The purpose of this blog is to share idea mapping examples and related learning from my Idea Mapping, Memory, Speed Reading, and Certification Workshops. This blog is dedicated to my Certified Idea Mapping Instructors, my clients, Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping practitioners around the globe.




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