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Daniel Pink Meets Kevin Nast

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One of my all-time favorite books is “A Whole New Mind” written by best-selling author Daniel Pink. I created an idea map of this book and sent it to Daniel when I first read his book. He kindly replied. A few years later I discovered that one of my high school friends Carol Ross went […]

I recently read Lisa Arthur’s Big Data Marketing Book. This idea map summarizes my takeaways from her book which revealed some areas of my business that need to be addressed. Highly recommend this book.

Big Data Marketing – New Book By Lisa Arthur

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Big Data Marketing is a new book published by Wiley and authored by Lisa Arthur – CMO of Teradata Applications. I met Lisa when she was the CMO at Mindjet. I have been trying to ready this book for about a month now. It has travelled with me to Poland, Dominican Republic and last week […]

To Sell Is Human – A New Book by Daniel Pink

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Many of you know that one of my all-time favorite books is “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink. In my March 31, 2009 post I shared an idea map that I created of this book. On December 31, 2012 Pink launched another book titled “To Sell Is Human” and it is getting great reviews. […]

Mind Mapping for Kids – A New Book by Toni Krasnic

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Toni Krasnic is a fellow mapping colleague and recently published a new book titled Mind Mapping for Kids available in the Kindle Edition. Toni Krasnic is also the author of Concise Learning which I posted about on October 26, 2010. As a former professor of chemistry with a decade of college-level teaching experience at both […]

Jared’s first introduction to peg memory systems was in one of my public Idea Mapping Workshops back in 2005. Since then he has written The Chamberlain Negotiation Principles and now his newest book for actors titled Line? The Creative Way for Actors to Quickly Memorize Monologues & Dialogues. Jared has appeared professionally an stage and […]

This is the link to your free copy of this sizzling expose by internationally known literary agent Jodie Rhodes who authored “Confessions: A Memoir” last fall. It is for kindle owners and must be ordered today or tomorrow. At Jodie’s website you’ll find reviews as well as excerpts from her book. Jodie Rhodes is my […]

The Idea Mapping book continues to be a best-seller at the Project Management Bookstore. This week it was once again back in the top 10 most popular books among project managers. PMPs can earn 15 PDU credits under category for attending the 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop.

Jamie’s bookstore is stocked with books you’ll love! Titles that have anything to do with Idea Mapping, drawing, memory, brain research and other topics related to her Idea Mapping Workshop can all be found in the bookstore. In addition…many of these blog postings include Idea Maps of books that other have submitted. All of those […]

This visual creation was done by Brandy Agerbeck and reflects the content shared by the three keynote speakers at the Visual Literacy Conference (VizLit) held on March 17, 2012. The speakers were Karl Gude, Cliff Atkinson, and myself. I first met Brandy in January 2008 at the first VizThink Conference in San Francisco. We reconnected in […]

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