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In my previous posting January 19, I shared a gift that Teiji Nakano gave me — a branding profile featuring the Idea Mapping book in English as well as the Japanese translation. Teiji Nakano is the author of a book titled How to Increase Business Productivity with MindManager and it is available at MindManager […]

Teiji Nakano is the author of a book titled How to Increase Business Productivity with MindManager and it is available at  He is an expert in the use of MindManager and created this branding Idea Map as a gift to me. You gotta love the Mt. Fuji background. In the MindManager version he has […]

Idea Mapping: How to Access Your Hidden Brain Power, Learn Faster, Remember More,  and Achieve Success in Business was published in September 2006 by John Wiley & Sons and written by me, Jamie Nast. Since the initial publication it has been translated into Serbian, Bulgarian, Japanese, Russian and Korean. It is available in the Kindle […]

I love to watch statistical trends, and this is one I’ve been monitoring over the last few months. The Idea Mapping book was translated and released in August of 2008 by Russian publisher EKSMO. Over the last few months the number of unique visits to my website and blog from Russia have been the highest […]

I’m fascinated by statistics and trends especially as it pertains to how social networking impacts blog and website statistics. I’m also intrigued by trends in book sales. Some books have a life for a year or so and then die out. Others become classics. Here’s what I’m seeing happen to my Idea Mapping Book … […]

How serendipitous that one of my outstanding Certified Idea Mapping Instructors was born and raised in Russia. Larisa Brigevich and her husband arrived in the US many years ago not knowing any English. She is now the Director of the Global Research Library at Franklin Templeton and has shared her expertise and many of her […]

A few weeks ago I received a package from Wiley (my book publisher). When I opened it there were 6 copies of the Japanese translation of the book, and 6 of another translation that I couldn’t read. I started going through the translations that I was aware of Bulgarian, Serbian, Korean — no it couldn’t […]

Yesterday I had an email from a dear colleague in Japan, William Reed. In addition to telling me about his new blog, William mentioned that he noticed that the Idea Mapping Book was just released in Japanese and he was able to purchase a copy. Here is the Amazon link to order the book in […]

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The translation rights to the Idea Mapping Book have been purchased by publishers from four countries. They are Serbia, Bulgaria, Japan, and South Korea. Many of you have been asking when you might see the translations of these books in your respective countries. The answer is: I don’t know. I spoke with my literary agent, […]

I was just notified that in May 2007 Wiley signed a deal with Hankyu Communications Co. for the rights to translate the Idea Mapping book into Japanese. Mindjet also has a Japanese website you may want to visit. I’ll let you know when I have more details.

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