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These two group maps were created last week by the participants of the Idea Mapping Certification Workshop. The topic was “Uses of Idea Maps.” Each person started with an individual 4-minute brainstorm of all the uses they could think of for Idea Mapping. Then I broke everyone into two groups. The groups then merged all […]

Last night concluded the Idea Mapping Certification Workshop that began on Sunday evening April 20. We met in Palm Beach, FL for a great time of fun and learning. The top photo features those who completed the 5-day course (a few missed the photo to catch flights). We were priviledged to have Vanda North with […]

For those of you interested in attending Jamie’s 2-day course titled Idea Mapping: A Learning Workshop, there are four new dates and locations that have been added to the 2008 schedule. To see a course abstract or to register for any of these workshops, go to For the first time Ft. Collins, Colorado will […]

FYI — See yesterday’s posting about the Idea Mapping Workshop. Vanda North will be joining us for the first half of the week! Yeah!

Creating idea maps in the moment (I call them “real-time” maps) is one of the most advanced skills, and no one does this better than Debbie Showler. Debbie is a Certified Idea Mapping Instructor from Whitby, Ontario. On February 6, 2008 the Oprah Show did a rerun of a show called, “The Secret Behind the […]

This is the third photo in the trilogy of June 15 postings dedicated to creating a learning environment for your workshop. While other instructors may come in a bit early the day of class, Idea Mapping Instructors come in the afternoon in advance lugging box after box of materials. Why bother you may ask? A […]

This is photo #2 in today’s trilogy. This is a close-up shot of one of the tables. When participants arrive it gets even more colorful when the set of markers contained in the Idea Mapping Kits also decorated the table. Notice all the toys? Wouldn’t this be an inviting classroom?

Go to for a full schedule of workshops. The next open workshop taught by Jamie Nast (Author of Idea Mapping) will be held in Livonia, Michigan on July 20-21, 2006. Registration is limited to the first 30 participants.

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