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Information, location and registration is now available for this first-time event sponsored by Biggerplate which will be held in London on January 31, 2013. Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes is offering early bird tickets for £17.00 through October 31, 2012. is the world’s leading source of mind mapping content and community. Biggerplate Unplugged will be […]

YouTube DirektVisual Thinking & Literacy Conference March 17, 2012 marked the first Visual Thinking & Literacy (VizLit) Conference in Michigan. Content was built to include a wide audience of business people, educators and students. Keynote speakers included Cliff Atkinson, Jamie Nast and Karl Gude. Breakout sessions were led by Tom Crawford, Brandy Agerbeck (also shown […]

In 24 hours the VizLiteracy Conference will kick off for a great day of learning in Waterford, MI. Attached is the line-up of keynote speakers and breakout sessions. Looking forward to seeing you all of you who plan on attending.

The 2012 Visual Thinking Conference is for anyone focused on visual approaches to thinking and communication. So whether you are a business leader giving presentations, a marketing manager designing websites and materials, or a grade school teacher looking for new ways to reach students, no other event offers you more of today’s solutions… and tomorrow’s […]

Decorah, Iowa is the home of Luther College and where I first introduced Dr. Tim Schweizer and his subsequent idea mapping experiment with his collage business students. You can read some background on the first experiment in the Oct. 23, 2009 posting. The May 19, 2010 posting shows Dr. Schweizer’s new twist on this experiment […]

This idea map sure looks different from the original one created by hand! On January 28, 2011 I shared the story about how Siri Zimmerman and I used idea mapping to plan the content of a 2-hour session I will deliver for around 150 people at a conference in March sponsored by the Diabetes Association […]

I met Siri Zimmerman when she was 8 years old. She was the daughter of one of my co-workers at EDS, Marty Zimmerman, who is now the author of three books. Siri (now 25) and I met for coffee this past weekend to discuss the possibility of me speaking at the upcoming conference she is […]

June 15-16, 2010 will be the dates of the first Idea Mapping Workshop in Belgium in the quaint village of Parike which is about 40 km from Brussels. Long time mind mapper Johan D’Haeseleer will be the host of this event and Mindjet will be a sponsor. You can register for this course by emailing […]

A new group of mind mappers and idea mappers are in the middle of their second day of this exciting workshop taught in Palm Beach, Florida by Jamie Nast. I will post follow-up stories and photos after the workshop. The first 2010 public Idea Mapping Workshop will be held in Vancouver, B.C.  January 19-20, 2010. […]

Yesterday I was privileged to to be a speaker at the Annual PMI (Project Management Institute) Conference for the New Jersey Chapter. The top and second idea maps are ones I created live from the first speaker, Sarah Miller Caldicott, who is the author of a book titled, “Innovate Like Edison”. The next idea map […]

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