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Here are two Idea Mapping examples used for vacation planning. The first one was actually created by me for a trip we took to Las Vegas. It was organized by day, which show we were seeing, times, and distance from the hotel. The second Idea Map was created by one of my Boeing clients Tonya […]

These Idea Mapping examples are from Dr. Tim Schweizer’s Principles of Management students. I have been blogging about Tim’s work with his students since October 2009 — shortly after he attended one of my Idea Mapping Workshops. Search this blog on “Luther College” for more examples. I will share more in the days that follow. Tim has developed a solid […]


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My dear friend Rania Hijazeen sent this to me, and I couldn’t resist posting it for all you idea mappers and mind mappers out there!

Dr. Jennifer Wild is the Founder of Alternate Perspectives, and she attended one of my Idea Mapping Workshop 3 weeks ago. During the class she created this Idea Map about her upcoming Women’s Renewal Retreat to be held at the beautiful Goodstone Inn just outside of Middleburg, VA. Just for fun I created my own […]

Barb Chan attended one of my 2-day Idea Mapping Workshops at Boeing last month. This was one of the idea maps she created during class. It is about the Orange-Crowned Warbler’s habitats, migration, behaviors, characteristic, and foods. On the Behaviors branch you’ll see Barb drew a pair of boxing gloves. This represents how the bird defends its […]

Idea Map 477 – Alaskan Style

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Certified Idea Mapping Instructor Liza Seiner recently took a trip to Alaska with her husband. This Idea Map was created by Liza as a journal of their trip over the course of their travels.

Last year I was honored to teach 8 2-day Idea Mapping Workshops to Boeing employees in the Seattle, WA area, St. Louis, MO and Huntington Beach, CA. I created this Animoto slideshow video as a tribute to those first 8 workshops. Photos were only taken in non-Boeing training facilities. Some of the idea maps were […]

This week I’m in Everett, WA  teaching two 2-day Idea Mapping workshops for Boeing. Great time had by all during the first class, so I thought I would share a few photos. Jenny was capturing ideas for the group Idea Mapping activity in the first photo. A little bit of craziness in the second photo. […]

Who was your favorite AGT act this season?

This is one of our favorite summer recipes. I use fresh tomatoes and peppers from our organic garden and a fresh bread. Delicious appetizer!

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