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I am a huge fan of Daniel Pink who wrote the book, “A Whole New Mind“. You can even see a detailed Idea Map I created of his book. I recently received an email from a long-time client and friend who works for a large automotive company in southeastern Michigan.  She forwarded a link to […]

I’ve been taking readers through a series about a 3-day workshop I taught at Larimer County Government in Fort Collins, CO last month. The first two days I delivered my Idea Mapping Workshop. Day three was a focus on leadership and the development of an Idea Mapping Users Group. In preparation for a discussion about […]

Last week I taught two workshops at MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) for the 7th year in a row. Dr. Carol Ann Baily is the Director of the Adult Services Center and is the sponsor for these workshops. As part of my reference materials I brought with me the best book I’ve read in the […]

Luciano Passuello is a regular contributor to this blog, and his specialty is using idea maps to summarize books. Today’s map features Michael Gelb’s book “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci”. This is the folded version. The full version can be downloaded here. For more of Luciano’s book reviews, search on “Luciano” within this […]

The release of the Mindjet Newsletter was originally scheduled for June 17, 2008, so the original post went up that day. This map reviews “Connect” from a beginner’s mindset. For more on this new collaboration tool see the June 17, 2008 posting. This idea map is featured in today’s Mindjet Newsletter.

Luciano Passuello creates another book review map.  This is his 6th idea mapping contribution to this blog. In The Medici Effect, author Frans Johansson explores one simple yet profound insight about innovation: in the intersection of different fields, disciplines and cultures, there’s an abundance of extraordinary new ideas to be explored. Putting together ideas from […]

Welcome to the posting that celebrates the 100th idea mapping contribution. This is Luciano Passuello’s 5th book summary that he has shared with us. (Search on “Luciano” in this blog to see his other 4 summaries.) As usual his maps can get very large so this is the folded version. This version as well as […]

In 1997 Billy Waters, founder of Waters Consulting, read a book titled Maverick by Ricardo Semler. The top map shows his original hand-drawn book summary map. He has revisited this map and tweaked it over the years. In 1999, he moved it to MindManager, and here you see his most recent 2008 update using the […]

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is a book written by T. Harv Aker. This idea map was created by Debbie Edwards Miller after she attended the 2-day workshop “Idea Mapping: A Learning Workshop” that was held at ACH (Automotive Components Holding, LLC). It summarizes the content of the book. The photo I took of her […]

In my previous posting Philippe Boukobza shared an idea map summarizing the contents of my Idea Mapping book. Today’s map is also from Philippe and details chapter 9 of my book which covers the “Team Idea Mapping Method”. I have used this process successfully with many clients. It helps to gather a multitude of ideas […]

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