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This week I’m in Everett, WA  teaching two 2-day Idea Mapping workshops for Boeing. Great time had by all during the first class, so I thought I would share a few photos. Jenny was capturing ideas for the group Idea Mapping activity in the first photo. A little bit of craziness in the second photo. […]

The public Idea Mapping Workshop in Livonia, MI August 7-8, 2013 was a big success and enjoyed by all. The top photo features the participants who successfully completed this 2-day journey. The second photo was taken during an activity the afternoon of the second day. The group was brainstorming all their possible uses of  idea […]

Ministerstwa Uczące Się or MUS is the name of a new project in Poland that translates in English to Learning Ministries. 16 leaders within various ministries in Poland were hand-selected to become change agents within their organizations. The 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop was their first training session together and kicked-off their learning on Oct 29-30, […]

We had a terrific experience during this week’s Idea Mapping Workshop held at the Mindjet offices in San Francisco! Here is the first round of photos for you to enjoy. The top photo features Ray Sheffield from Sheffield Estate Planning, Brett Robblee from Raytheon, Tim Cox from Wells Fargo and Wayne Chan from Mindjet.  Next […]

I’ve been reporting on an unusual workshop I taught in February for the Larimer county Government in Fort Collins, CO.  Up to this point I’ve shared the results of the normal 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop. Today I’ll get to the 3rd day of advanced training, leadership, and planning for Larimer’s “Idea Mapping Creativity Group.” On […]

On March 9 & March 11, 2009 I began a series featuring the participants of a 3-day workshop at Larimer County Government in Fort Collins, Colorado. The uniqueness of this event will be explained in further detail in A later post, but for now I’ll continue to work through the second day. One of the […]

On January 22, 2009 I did a webinar with Mindjet titled, “Increasing Productivity with Idea Mapping”. Lisa Fait was the MC and Michael Deutch was the interviewer. Learn more about Idea Mapping and see some really cool examples from mappers around the globe! Listen to the recorded version.

The number of images in this posting got a little long because of teaching two 2-day Idea Mapping Workshops back-to-back in Toronto at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. I’ll briefly summarize the photos from top down. The first part of the day starts out by testing participants’ belief systems around learning a new skill — in […]

This idea map (#120 within this blog) is featured in today’s Mindjet Monthly Newsletter with a little twist. Mindjet added a video clip of my description of this application to their newsletter. We filmed this in January when I was in San Francisco for the VizThink conference. Below is the linear description of today’s Idea […]

These two group maps were created last week by the participants of the Idea Mapping Certification Workshop. The topic was “Uses of Idea Maps.” Each person started with an individual 4-minute brainstorm of all the uses they could think of for Idea Mapping. Then I broke everyone into two groups. The groups then merged all […]

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