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These idea maps are the fourth set from instructor Scott Letwin’s students (Zimmer & Blum) who completed their first semester of an Electrical Apprenticeship at Red Deer College in Alberta, Canada in December 2013. Zimmer’s idea map was on the topic of Current, Voltage & Resistance and Blum’s idea map was about EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). For more examples from […]

These idea maps are the third set from instructor Scott Letwin’s students (Wagoner & Blum) who just completed their first semester of an Electrical Apprenticeship at Red Deer College in Alberta, Canada. Wagoner’s idea map was on the topic of Switching Circuits and Blum’s idea map was about Orthographic Projection & Diagrams. I first introduced Scott […]

These idea maps are from another one of Scott Letwin’s students (Zimmer) who just completed his first semester of an Electrical Apprenticeship at Red Deer College. Zimmer’s idea maps were on the topics of Basic Math and Composition of Matter. I first introduced Scott in my December 4, 2013 posting as he was preparing to attend my […]

  I met Melinda when she was in high school shortly after I taught a 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop at Boeing and her dad attended. January 5, 2013 I posted about a re-inspired Melinda who has created a unique plan for attacking her homework this semester. In this posting you will find the idea maps […]

I’ve been following Melinda Dang since my first posting about her in the fall of 2008 when she was a junior in high school. Since then Melinda has contributed numerous idea maps to this blog on topics like using Idea Maps to study for AP Physics, Spanish, studying for the SAT’s and other subjects. She […]

If you have been following my postings about Dr. Tim Schweizer and his management students at Luther College, you will enjoy 4 more examples from his Fall 2011 class.  I have been following Tim’s work since October 2009 — shortly after he attended one of my Idea Mapping Workshops. Tim has developed a solid process […]

I was recently helping a high school student study for his Spanish exam in a way that better matches his visual learning style. I think most students would agree that their boring linear notes are difficult study tools. So why not try something different. Today’s example is not chapter notes from a Spanish book. This […]

Idea Mapping has been helping Luther College students since the fall 2009 semester. This is the first example from the fall 2010 classes. You can search on this blog for “Luther College” to find over 25 other examples from last school years’ students. Again Dr. Tim Schweizer spent one 60-minute class teaching them the concepts […]

As a result of some lengthy discussions with the participants of my December 7-8, 2009 public Idea Mapping Workshop in Florida, I have a new Facebook page. So many students are either struggling with learning and retaining information for their studies OR they think studying is just plain boring. Idea Mapping and mind mapping are […]

This posting is the second in what is going to be a fascinating experiment this year with students at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. Last week’s posting first introduced this series. Now let’s put it into context. Dr. Tim Schweizer teaches “Principles of Management”. He felt like teaching Idea Mapping to his students was such […]

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